Cheeseburger Pasta

pasta burger chick pot pie 036

I may or may not drop everything and dedicate my life to recreating childhood classics. Hamburger Helper? I’ll have seconds, please. Cardboard box with an animated white gloved hand? Yup, that’s the one. I’d like to question the marketing team behind that Betty Crocker-branded mascot. At what point did the board room decide that a…

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Burgers with BBQ sauce, Blue Cheese, and Grilled Red Onion

pasta burger chick pot pie 004

Juicy burgers for breakfast? Unfortunately, no. These barbecued beauties were the highlight of the weekend here in Seattle. Saturday night, the sun still shining at 8:30 pm, the grill fired up, me pretending to be Bobby Flay in an unlikely episode of “Boy Meets Grill.” Everything I could hope for in a summertime supper. A…

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Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

You know, I lived in Italy for five months and don’t recall ever eating a gooey square of lasagna. No manicotti, no stuffed shells, no casseroles overflowing with cheese, crushed tomatoes, and ground beef. Not even a meatball. Why? Because those aren’t standard menu fare of ristorantes in Roma, in Firenze, and Napoli. Instead, you’re…

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Greek Pasta Salad with Chicken, Feta, and Olives

pulled pork, souvlaki, parm chick, pancakes 001

Sometimes I have no idea what I’ll do next with chicken. I think I’ve done all I can with nature’s blandest white meat. I’m plum clucked out. Interestingly, these are usually the times when chicken breast is a steal at the market. At the very sight of a flashy sale sign, I elbow kindly 74…

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Spicy Coconut Chicken with Mango Basil Salsa

Until four years ago, my taste buds had never traveled through Asia.  How could I have considered myself an adventurous eater when I had never sampled sushi, touched tamarind, got along with ginger? Pad See WHO? You see, my childhood kitchen was classically American. A Norman Rockwell of the dining table crowded with the perfect…

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