Scenes from IFBC 2011 New Orleans

I’d say that this past weekend at IFBC was among the very very best of my life, but I’m not convinced that quite captures how much I loved every single deep fried, sweet southern minute. I felt engaged in each session. I ate my (and your) fried food quota for at least 16 full weeks….

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Planning the International Food Blogger Conference New Orleans


One very large part of what I do professionally is planning the International Food Blogger Conferences. I am, happy as happy can be, the lead organizer for Foodista. Here’s how the conferences are born and raised: We all pick a city. We ask the community of food bloggers who they want to hear from and…

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Sauteed Zucchini and Summer Squash with Herbs and Crispy Garlic


Look I don’t really know that this merits a recipe, so maybe a whole post is verging on pretentious here. But I know that if you found a favorite way to flavor and sear the last of your summer vegetables, and you didn’t tell me right away, I’d be three rosy shades of angry. So…

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The Simplest Poached Salmon with Pesto and Feta


Listen, I swoon over salmon in restaurants The chef pan sears her in some perfectly piping fat, to a fiery pink crust, bakes her to a buttery, slippery center, broils her, even, just ‘til her flakes feel melting on my tongue. But at home, all the salmon I prepare myself is less lovable. She’s never…

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Street Donuts Truck Seattle, WA


My name is Andie and I’m an east coast baby. I was born with a Donut just meant for Dunkin’ In and around Massachusetts, boy oh boy, there are some donuts to be had. Had and loved and crumbled in between sips of steaming coffee. Cake or yeast-risen, all perfectly puffed and fried. They’re glassy…

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Easy No Cook Thai Peanut Sauce


I love peanut butter. Creamy peanut butter and milk sweet from coconuts and toasted sesame oil and oh- the saltiness of saucy soy. But I love ‘easy,’ and I mean easy, heaps and gobs more.   I love breezy and quick and things that rhyme with simple. (I can only think of pimple and dimple…tell…

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Crispy Battered and Fried Tofu


Yes, I battered and deep fried my tofu. I took health, good and proper gal that she is, dressed her scantily, and sent her to the swimming pool. When she came out her skin was crisp, deeply bronzed and glowing. She was more tender inside. Happier, somehow. And I loved her more. There are lots…

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Paella Party


All I’ll tell you is I have the best friends in the world. And oh goodness do they have a way with sangria. They really outdid themselves on Sunday. Because oh I’ve got a tender spot for tapas and for bellies and simply tossed greens and bowls filled with rich saffron-scented rice and mussels who’ll…

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Why I Eat Bagels


Every Saturday morning you’ll find me with a grande Americano with extra vanilla soymilk from Starbucks, never more than four inches from my right hand… and a bagel, toasted as tan as is safe by toaster standards, spread with reg’lar ol’ cream cheese from Noah’s. No need for special ‘structions, other than the gentle reminder…

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White’s Pastry Shop: Hingham, MA


Two Thursdays ago was perhaps the happiest day of my life. Long story made mini, I signed a two book deal with Crown Publishing, a division of Random House.  I also squealed, cried, did a partial summersault, and told everyone at Starbucks that I loved them. My parents were over the moon and I I…

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Double Coconut Jasmine Rice


Long grain rice, meet double coconut. Double coconut, meet long grain rice. Really beautiful couple, the two of you make. Once steeped in coconut milk for the ultimate creamy, satin mouthfeel. Once tossed with sweetened coconut flakes for a taste of far away islands and sand that burns underfoot and sun that seeps into your…

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