4 Great Vegetarian Bean Recipes

vegan black bean burger (8)

I adore beans.

Just lust after beans.

Black, garbanzo, pinto, red, you name it. They’re inexpensive, filling, and they make me realize healthy and delicious are not mutually exclusive.

Here are the four bean recipes I love most:

vegan black bean burger (2)

1. Vegan Black Bean Burgers


baked falafel (2)

2. Baked Falafel with Lemon Tahini Sauce

baked falafel (3)

baked falafel (1)

3. Spicy Garlic and Lime Black Bean Enchiladasblack_beans-6



4. Slow Cooked Sweet Potato Chili




  1. says

    Thank you so much for these chickpea friendly recipes!
    I went vegetarian over a year ago, and I don’t miss meat, in fact I am in love with every legume I have had the pleasure of meeting (and eating!). New ways to enjoy my little friends are always welcome. Thanks Andie.
    I can’t wait to try the falafel and the black bean enchiladas! Yummy :)

  2. Shauna says

    I made your chili last week (w/out beef) and I LOVED it. Healthy comfort food that fills me up is the best. Those burgers look gooooooood….think I’ll try those this week.

  3. says

    These all look so good– I’m all about adapting meat-based recipes for my veggie lifestyle, but it’s also nice when no adaptation is needed. Thanks for making my mouth water for falafel at 10 am :)

  4. says

    I am so in love with you. I made the enchiladas lastnight and the chili tonight and I am seriously tempted to meet you in new York tomorrow just to hug you! They were FANTASTIC I am trying to lose weight for my wedding and all the low cal recipes I have had taste like I would rather eat a sponge. You have a follower for life andie thank you so so so much! Have fun in new york! Can’t wait for your next post! Oh and I made the pumpkin whoops pies and oooohhhhhhhh mmmmmmyyyyyyy I had a love affair.
    Thank you thank you!
    Your lover

  5. says

    i just bookmarked all these recipes! now i just need to get my hands on a food-processor/vitamix (gahhh!) because a blender just won’t do. haha love your blog!

  6. says

    My 60 yo mom has a beautiful skin. She attributes it to tofu and other bean based dishes she enjoys to make and eat. I’m gonna send your recipes to my mom. Thank you for sharing them.

  7. Rebecca says

    I have been bitten by the get fit and healthy bug and I was just searching desperately for new ideas to beans. I want to get more protein from beans, but have never really found ways to enjoy them. Well NOW I HAVE!! I’m really excited about trying your recipes. They look amazing.

  8. Paul Roseland says

    I am going to try to lose weight by eating alot of beans. Your recipes look so delicious. I can’t wait to try some.

  9. Anna says

    I made the black bean burger today. It was so amazing!! I was so excited to sit down to relax and eat after a long day. I want more!

  10. says

    I tried the bean burger recipe a few days ago and I absolutely loved it! I’ve been trying to be a little healthier but was stuck for dinner ideas so this post is perfect. I’m trying the falafel next! Thank you :)


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