1. Nicole says

    Awww, I’m from Southern California and these pics make me SO homesick. Although my new home Portland, Oregon is a great foodie city, it can’t compete with the variety and diversity in good ol’ SoCal. Please post more about your adventures there!

  2. Johnny K says

    Santa Monica is my home! I demand that you tell me where you purchased these delicious things and if there’s anywhere in particular you went that you suggest I check out. I WANT THE FOOD, ANDIE!

  3. says

    Come back, and then take me with you on the next LA food crawl. The After School Special at Doughboy’s and the pulled pork grilled cheese from Rancho A Go Go are worth the price of a plane ticket all by themselves. :)

  4. says

    Ok, somehow your blog stopped updating on my reader, and I haven’t read a post of yours in ages! Now I must catch up!
    I’m so glad you love California…I may be biased, but it’s a great state 😉 Have you been to Cupcake Royale in Ballard yet? Kind of reminds me of Sprinkles!

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