1. GretchenP says

    LOVE your views! ..the mirror, the wreath from the inside & the floor view of the tree.. SOOO inspirational! beautiful pics! :)

  2. Katie G says

    I have so been looking forward to this post! I adored your Christmas 2010 post and actually swiped, or “borrowed” rather, several of your mom’s decorating ideas in my house this year for Christmas. My dining room set is very similar to hers and I made sure to decorate inside the cabinet this year. It made a lovely impact. She’s a genius, your mum!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and look forward to sharing in your exciting new experiences in 2012. Hopefully by next Christmas I’ll be giving copies of your book to family and friends as gifts!

  3. shannon says

    Your pictures are always so beautiful! I just got a fancy camera for Christmas (that I actually need to go to class to learn about) what camera do you use? or are you just naturally as gifted behind the camera as you are in front of it?

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