Caye Caulker, Belize

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I left Belize after four days on Caye Caulker, a small island roughly 3km long. The streets aren’t paved, only sand covered and soft. Cars aren’t anywhere to be seen, only golf carts and bicycles. And though it’s surrounded by teal water, there is no traditional stretch of beach. Locals and tourists lie on towels along weathered wooden docks that run all around the island. It’s tiny enough, rustic enough, pastel-painted enough, sailboat-strewn enough to feel like a quiet paradise.

The island has dozens of casual, beachy hotels and hostels, most of which are reasonably priced. I highly recommend Barefoot Caribe for a very comfortable stay. For $40 per night, I rented a room with two double beds, full bathroom, wifi, and air conditioning. The nightly rate was only five or so US dollars more than the hostel up the road. The location of Barefoot Caribe is central enough to set you about 10 minutes (walking) from ‘The Split’- the main spot where folks lie out on docks to sun themselves, swim, kayak, and paddleboard. At the heart of The Split (the name refers to the place where the island separates from its other quarter) is the Lazy Lizard, a hotspot restaurant and bar on the water that almost always has a crowd. It’s the place to get beachy drinks all day and two for one rum mixes during happy hour from 4 to 8pm.

For a great meal on the island, try Habaneros. The seafood plates, especially the Coco Amore and the Barrier Reef Sampler, are fresh with bright, bold Caribbean flavor.

The highlight of my stay on Caye Caulker was the full day snorkeling/sailing trip through Raggamuffin Tours. In between exploring the coral reef and drinking rum punch, I swam with sharks, manatees, sea turtles, and all manner of exotic looking fish. $50 incredibly well spent.


  1. says

    Oh, that looks absolutely marvelous!
    I am truly a wanderer at heart, and all of this makes me want to buy a ticket and never come back!
    Thank you for sharing these pictures! :)

  2. Tara Walker says

    I am with Hannah – I want to go and never come back. I really feel I NEED to be there. So glad you share pictures! And thanks for the lodging, etc tips.

    May need to sell everything I own and move there….

  3. tina says

    you truly inspire me to make a change in my life, as a matter a fact i am attempting to take a plunge a move not to an exotic island but a more southern state. God bless

  4. says

    Your posts make me just desperate to travel, even though I have less than no money at all. You’ve actually managed to motivate me to go hard on the job searching just so I can jet off to paradise some time in the future. Thank you!

  5. says

    Your posts make me just desperate to travel, even though I have less than no money at all. You’ve actually managed to motivate me to go hard on the job searching just so I can jet off to paradise some time in the future. Thank you!

    • says

      I left everything and moved to a Belizean island as a single parent with 2 kids on pretty much less than no money… so glad I just did it! I honestly live better than I could back home in North America. You don’t need as much as you think you might. Follows your dreams; funding them is often a minor detail. Best of luck!

  6. says

    Wow, the views are stunning! Now I want to go snorkeling!! 😀 Hope you are well Andrea – by the look of your picture – I can see you are! 😀

  7. Jennifer says

    Love Belize! I was in Belize 6 years ago, Mainland and San Pedro. Just delightful. When we first checked in, I was “startled” not to have a TV and a Phone in my room. Thank Heaven I didn’t! Best trip ever. Glad to see you are well. :)

  8. Faith says

    Wow! That’s the land of my birth! I left Belize 17 years ago as a child and I’ve only gone back once :( It’s nice that so many tourists find it a great place to visit. I grew up in extreme poverty so my memories aren’t the best. The one thing I love is our food. If you ever want Belizean recipes, there’s a lady on youtube (barepantryshow) who has over 100 Belizean recipes that you can check out since you’re into food like I am. I’m so sorry I wrote you a back, but I could not contain my excitement when I saw Belize in your archive. Dis da wahn nice blog (a little Creole for you)–This is a nice blog.

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