Starting over in 2013


I have always loved a fresh start. Perhaps a remnant from my forever life as a dieter, I look forward to every New Year’s Day as a way to begin anew. I think about 2012 and the only thing that comes to mind is…how hard it was emotionally. Just how unbearably heavy it felt most…

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A Christmas Party


Considering all of the recent heartache, all of the tragedy, I’m feeling especially grateful to be home with my loves right now.   Today, all seventy-eight thousand members of my family are coming over to celebrate Christmas. And that makes it acceptable for me to bake myself manic, to wear something other than yoga pants,…

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Lightened Up Parsley Walnut Pesto


Whir this in your blender tonight, if you can. Then spoon it onto pan-seared salmon or chicken. Crumble a block of feta cheese with your fingers, and scatter a handful over the top. Serve it at your table, surrounded by everyone you know and love.   Parsley Walnut Pesto makes 6 servings 1/4 cup yogurt…

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5 things you don’t know about me, part 2


1. Like everyone’s nana that ever lived, I have found my signature lipstick. Indeed, I found this shade in August of 2010 and I haven’t let even a day pass where I haven’t smeared it wildly beyond the borders of my natural lip line. I’ve even taken to buying a few tubes when I pop…

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Chocolate Glazed Pumpkin Doughnuts

chocolate glazed doughnuts

I think it says a great deal about me that the word ‘doughnut’ appears in my memoir a whopping 28 times. My editor– bless her sweet literary heart–cringed at nearly every mention, noticing that I’d chosen to drop the ‘ugh’ and spell it more colloquially, ‘donut.’ It wasn’t until I’d read through all of her…

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5 things you don’t know about me, part 1

andie mitchell

1. Sometimes, I go to Barnes and Noble just to read all the magazines. 2. I am exquisitely talented at painting nails. Just ask any of my best friends from middle school, or my yellowed nails, who haven’t had a break from polish in twenty years. 3. A favorite hobby of mine is drawing greeting…

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On Distraction-Free, Focused Eating


Most weekday mornings, I eat the same oatmeal breakfast. I’ve prepared it so many times now that I barely have to pay attention, which is a relief considering I’d prefer to mainline my cold-brewed iced coffee before attempting anything more advanced. Ten minutes after I’ve begun, I’m settling down at the table with a piping…

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