A Book Update

If I’ve learned anything in publishing over the past year and a half, it’s that a.) the word is spelled “doughnut”—not donut, and b.) timelines and schedules are—very often—loose. As a first-time author, there was no real telling when the memoir would be completely “done.” My editor suggested some flexible dates, some goals, but still, once the writing was done on time, there was the editing. There were the 25 recipes I sprinkled throughout the text. There were the headnotes I wrote for those recipes, and the delicious rounds of testing that had to be done. There were the backs, the forths.

We—my editor and I—shot for a quick turn-around, a release in 2013, but in the end, we found ourselves looking more seriously at 2014. And that truly just felt right. It did. Because the interesting thing about the book-writing process is, once the work of writing and editing is done on my end (which just wrapped up recently), my publisher still needs nearly a year with the book before it hits shelves. The team at Clarkson-Potter will work their magic with what I’ve given them and for months and months, the book will be out of my hands.

Now, considering the fact that patience—pretty, pretty patience—is not a virtue I possess, I understand if your first thought is, but—but wahh. I hear you. I cannot, do not, will not wait for anything without a fuss. I still burn the roof of my mouth on scalding hot foods; I binge watch TV series because IMUSTKNOWWHATHAPPENS!; the word “soon” gives me the cold pricklies up and down my spine; and when I want something done, I, very likely, rue that it wasn’t done yesterday.

All this to say: we’ve got a bit of a wait in front of us. Just a hair over a year and we can all cozy up in my mother’s house for a book launch—in her bed beside her is where we’ll be—reading aloud about my misadventurous life, my first kiss, my relationship with Daniel, my WEIGHT!, depression, and all of the many times I embarrassed myself publicly and privately—one time includes Leonardo DiCaprio, so stash that aside in your anticipation folder. I really held nothing back.

The memoir…coming to you in spring/summer 2014.

I can’t leave this post without thanking you, now and always, for being here. For your support, your unending kindness, and your encouragement. I LOVE YOU and I do mean that. I’m grateful.


  1. Michelle says

    Omg-ish.. I can’t wait and can only imagine what ure goin tthru . Congrats for u on the book… can’t wait for finished product

    • Andie says

      I’ve been waiting for 3 years for someone to use “bomb diggity” in my blog comments. The day has come. Thank you :)


    • Andie says

      It is so big. And she’s pretty fierce about us all fitting into it together (“Tuck in” she’ll say), so don’t worry about space :)

      Plus, I don’t want a book launch party unless it involves a sleepover, you know?

  2. Donna says

    Some things are worth waiting for, and I think this is going to be one of them. My calendar is tickled — SO looking forward to it!

  3. Jessie says

    While I’m sad we all have to wait so long…at least there is already something to look forward to in 2014 :)

  4. Lauren says

    Congratulations! You are absolutely an inspiration to me and my own weight loss journey. Thank you for your unabashed honesty.

  5. bridget says

    I totally hate waiting… but at least we have cysfd to keep us occupied while we wait. I am very excited for you… what a journey!!

  6. Jennifer says

    I am so excited. Really, truly excited.

    Congratulations on finishing your part, though! That is such a HUGE deal. :)

  7. says

    I’m super excited for your book!

    On another note, I think your RSS feed might be broken. You’re blog is no longer updating in my Google Reader :(

  8. Vanessa says

    Hi Andie! I’m a fairly new subscriber, but I enjoy everything you write and was hoping you had a book when I first read your blog. I’m so excited to hear this will be a reality soon. I’m sure it will be well worth the wait. Congrats!

  9. diane says

    Andie – As you well know, life is, was and always will be a journey. Thank you for taking us along on yours. I eagerly look forward to your book and know that it’s going to be a wonderful read. Your Mom must be so very proud of you! (I’m proud of you and you aren’t even mine, LOL)

  10. Routhie says

    I just recommended your site to a friend on fb who is at the maintenance portion of her journey and someone else commented that you wrote her story. Glad I could share the love and cannot wait for your book! Like anything good, it will be worth the wait.

  11. Anne Farris says

    Glad to hear a timeline. Thanks for the update and I guess I will wait as everyone else will. REALLY looking forward to BOTH books.

    Can you motivate me to lose weight? I am REALLY struggling. Chocolate gets in my way all the time………….I think about it so much! AND the exercise is difficult because of my knees and ankles are arthritic and the weight does not help! af

    • Andie says

      Anne- thank you, my friend. The cookbook will come out after the memoir, but I’m not sure on the date for that one.

      Motivation…gosh it’s a hard one to muster sometimes. The hard part in trying to give advice is that it’s so individual. What lights your fire might not light mine, you know? I think the best thing you can do to allow for balance and enjoyment would be to work treats into your plan right now. Have you thought about perhaps setting aside one to two times per week when you pick out a really fantastic dessert (or meal) and just enjoy it to the fullest with no guilt over calories, fat, etc? Then, the rest of the time, you eat normally and healthfully. What I’m recommending isn’t a “cheat meal” per se, because I don’t want you to get into a mindset that you’re going “off plan,” but rather a way for you to mindfully tune into what you’re craving (my cravings are always chocolate/sweets, too) and plan for them in a balanced way that still allows you to lose weight. Thoughts?


      • Katie G says

        I do this! I am on Weight Watchers and I weigh in on Tuesday evenings. When I am finished, I allow myself something I’ve been craving or looking forward to–whether dinner out or a great ice cream sundae. This one meal a week helps me keep my sanity!

  12. Ally says

    Think of it as time to get more followers, more potential buyers of your (no doubt amazing) memoirs! Everyone who has encountered your blog has told someone else and they too potentially will buy your book! For instance every time someone comments about my near 60lbs lost I can’t talk about it w/o mentioning how your blog helped me get through it. Since I started my journey several of my friends have also started losing weight and when they come to me with a struggle or a triumph I always turn them back to your wisdom. They also can’t wait for your book release! The wait sucks for you (and for all of your readers), but it will be worth it! Thanks for what you do!

  13. says

    I am so proud of you I am actually crying right now. I had no idea you were finished on your end. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! That is an incredible achievement Andrea. I will never forget looking across at you from our jungle cafe as you typed away about anything and everything and impatiently anticipated getting to the beach. I know that you will do incredible things this year before the book hits the shelves. You are an incredible person, an inspiration, and I couldn’t love you more.

  14. says

    I’ve been quietly following your blog for a few months now so thought it time to speak up. I think you’re an inspiration and love your view on life. I’ve tried a couple of your recipes and they’re so good they have been added to the regular meals list. Lightened Up Pad Thai being my favorite so far. Definitely looking forward to your book for more of your creations and thoughts. Rock on!

  15. says

    oh man, you’re tellin’ me i’ve gotta wait another year for this masterpiece to be published?! just kidding, i’ll be patient. patiently waiting to pre-order that book, girl!!! =) every time i read your blog i feel a sense of inspiration/motivation/encouragement and i know your book will be just that much more amazing than this blog. way to go Andie!!! =)

  16. says

    Sometimes waiting is the right thing to do, even though I know how hard you’ve worked – it will be worth the wait! Hugs!

  17. Frieda says

    Now I know what I am. A binge tv series watcher 😀
    Best term ever :)

    So excited for your book. I will be able to get it, even though I am from Germany, right? I so want to read it :)

    • Andie says

      Frieda, even if the book doesn’t immediately get released in Germany, I will ABSOLUTELY send you a copy. You’ve been here for so long and I will never be able to repay you for your support.


      • Frieda says

        You are just the nicest person in the whole wide world :)
        This blog is a cozy loving community :) so special and one of a kind :)

  18. Sharon Deutsch says

    I can’t wait!!!! Please tell your mom to save a space for me…I’m crowding in ! Hugs in anticipation of the big day!! :0)

  19. Melissa says

    I will be there with bells on!!! If you ever come back to Seattle for a visit, PLEASE let me know.


  20. Rocio says

    Can’t wait!! The book sounds really exciting, and I just love your writing and your pictures. It’s really what I come back for, I’ve only made one of your recipies and have been reading your blog for a year now lol. I love reading about other people’s lives. The stalker in me is very excited!!

  21. Elizabeth says

    I hate waiting, but it does make us savor it all the more when we finally get what’s been taking so long, no? I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for being so great! (Or should I thank your mom for that? 😉 ) I think I started reading your blog when I was fifteen. I related *so* much to you, I was sure we were sisters torn apart at birth! I adore food, but have struggled with an unhealthy relationship with food since I was pretty young. Some of your posts evoked such emotion in me, I had to take a step back. I came to realizations about WHY I control food the way I do, and it was a little shocking. When I stopped using food as my crutch ,(in my case, fasting, restricting, bingeing and purging; not to mention exercise abuse/addiction) it was so.hard. to have to actually feel my emotions.
    But it has helped so much.
    I’m now well into my seventeenth year of life, and I’ve started having more issues with food. I think it’s because of school stress, but I have felt so out of control lately. Reading some of your posts again has helped me gain some perspective, and see father than just in this moment!
    I guess I’m writing this to let you know that you encourage me, and so many others! Thank you for being a great role model by being so open and honest!
    You’re awesome, Andie!

  22. says

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    Ԝhat maʏ you recommend ɑbout ʏour publish that
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