Girls’ Weekend in Vegas

vegas 2013-6

I spent last weekend in Vegas with my best friends. Now, I’ve been to Vegas five times. I’ve stayed and eaten all over the strip, but this time was, in a word, unforgettable. Here are a handful of photos from our stay, snapped oh-so-professionally on my iPhone. Sourdough waffles at Bouchon in the Venetian, where…

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Boston Love


I’ve stepped away from the blog this week because, well, everything I thought to post just seemed so trivial in light of the recent Boston bombings. Boston is where I’m from, where the whole of my family resides. Publishing a recipe didn’t feel right. And so, in lieu of anything culinary or creative, I’ll just stop…

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Vote for Camille

beach_hut_hammock (3)

My best friend, Camille, just recently entered’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List contest—the very same one I shared a few weeks ago when Kelly had emailed me. In the past year alone, Camille traveled to 11 countries on four continents. She’s a nomad and I so admire that fearless wonder in her. If you read…

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A Book Update

If I’ve learned anything in publishing over the past year and a half, it’s that a.) the word is spelled “doughnut”—not donut, and b.) timelines and schedules are—very often—loose. As a first-time author, there was no real telling when the memoir would be completely “done.” My editor suggested some flexible dates, some goals, but still,…

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Casual Friday

corned beef

I should preface this post with: this is a list of inane musings. It’s nonsensical at best, disturbing at worst. But it will give you who come here often a tiny glimpse at the life of the zany person who writes this blog. Maybe we’ll start a tradition? Casual Fridays—I like the sound of that….

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birthday candles

Today I turn twenty-eight. And I want to take a moment out of my busy cake-eating day to thank you for being here, and for sticking with me. You who read this blog mean so, so very much to me. I’m grateful for you today and always. Love and extra frosting, Andie   photo sources:…

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Starting over in 2013


I have always loved a fresh start. Perhaps a remnant from my forever life as a dieter, I look forward to every New Year’s Day as a way to begin anew. I think about 2012 and the only thing that comes to mind is…how hard it was emotionally. Just how unbearably heavy it felt most…

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A Christmas Party


Considering all of the recent heartache, all of the tragedy, I’m feeling especially grateful to be home with my loves right now.   Today, all seventy-eight thousand members of my family are coming over to celebrate Christmas. And that makes it acceptable for me to bake myself manic, to wear something other than yoga pants,…

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5 things you don’t know about me, part 2


1. Like everyone’s nana that ever lived, I have found my signature lipstick. Indeed, I found this shade in August of 2010 and I haven’t let even a day pass where I haven’t smeared it wildly beyond the borders of my natural lip line. I’ve even taken to buying a few tubes when I pop…

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5 things you don’t know about me, part 1

andie mitchell

1. Sometimes, I go to Barnes and Noble just to read all the magazines. 2. I am exquisitely talented at painting nails. Just ask any of my best friends from middle school, or my yellowed nails, who haven’t had a break from polish in twenty years. 3. A favorite hobby of mine is drawing greeting…

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This American Girl


Friends, One of my very favorite people in the world, Camille, has begun writing. You might remember her from our months-long adventure earlier this year in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Belize. Well, her new blog, This American Girl, paints her life through travel, culture, food, and most preciously–the lessons learned along the way. It’s brilliant…

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