Checking in


On Wednesday at noon, I submitted the third draft of my manuscript. Working on it the past few weeks, I’ve found myself oddly satisfied in knowing that my promised reward for turning it in would be a massive Thanksgiving feast. It made sense, given that my memoir is as food-focused as I am. But within…

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Thoughts on Prop 37


There’s an interesting debate swirling around the Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food Initiative in California. If approved, the initiative will “require labeling on raw or processed food offered for sale to consumers if the food is made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specified ways.” It will also prohibit the labeling…

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Fall Favorite Recipes


Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Chicken and Dumplings Slow Cooked Sweet Potato Chili Healthy Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Quick Tuna Noodle Casserole   Slow Cooker New England Pot Roast Gooey Three Cheese Lasagna Creamy Chicken and Cornbread Casserole Slow Cooker Barbecue Pulled Pork (with or without mango slaw)

101 Awesome Ways to Use Ordinary Objects


This hasn’t a tremendous amount to do with health or cooking per se, but I feel compelled to share it. Lists like these…they light up the happy receptors in my brain like only cupcakes can. They’re the kinds of things that your grandma might know, or maybe the kinds of helpful tips you pass on…

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An Emmy Inspired Dinner

shrimp louis

Appetizer: Shrimp Louie <–click for recipe When I decided to create an Emmy-themed dinner tonight, two things came to mind: the first being the tremendous love I have for the hit series “Louie,” and the second being that I may very well be the only twenty seven year old still actively playing with my food….

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How I eat healthy while traveling


In 2006, I travelled through the full boot of Italy- eleven cities in all- and spent time in Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Valencia, Barcelona, and London. I stayed in hostels that ran the gamut from dodgy to dodgier to ‘let’s never tell my mother about this.’ And when I returned to the States after all of…

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My Favorite Places to Eat in Seattle


Top Pot DoughnutsUnforgettable, freshly made old fashioned doughnuts. They’ll be the best you’ve had, and if you should find better, email me. “Savor the nostalgia and taste of a secret 1920s doughnut recipe in a gorgeous vintage environment” Try a bite of all 40 kinds. Bring friends. Portage Bay CaféExcellent breakfast menu and an even…

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I have not forgotten you.

Friends, I haven’t forgotten you. This is the week my book edits were submitted. I created 250 some odd pages, organized them into 14 chapters, rewrote every bit of dialogue, and gained ten [unevenly distributed] pounds in the year-long writing process. I’m very happy with the state of the manuscript, even if revising it induced…

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My Ultimate Day of Eating


One of my favorite questions to ask people is, What would you eat on your last day on Earth? It fascinates me. In fact, it fascinates me more than nearly all of my other favorite hypothetical apocalyptic scenarios and deserted island what-ifs. Mostly because I’m interested in hearing another’s favorite foods, but also because the…

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