I found your emails…


Friends that feel and act like my family, This morning I went to my dark place- my email spam folder- and therein found hundreds of emails from you. Naturally, I was shocked. How did y-? Who put these there-?  None of it made sense. The only conclusion I’ve come to is: Gmail hates you. Just…

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Nearing the book deadline


Friends, the book- that memoir manuscript I’m clickety clicking away on my computer- it’s due this Sunday, April 15th. Appropriately Tax Day, when I’ll have been sufficiently emotionally and physically spent. The book- all weight loss and body struggles and love of food- it won’t be published until next spring, March or April of 2013….

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An Ideal Day of Eating in Photos


300 ish calories: 1 whole wheat english muffin with 1 tablespoon peanut butter, 1 tablespoon jam. I prefer Food For Life brand Sprouted Grain for the muffins. +100-150 calories: 1 cup lowfat yogurt. I do not eat non-fat varieties because of taste and texture. +100 calories: 1 piece of fruit- example: grapefruit OR 150 calories:…

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Back in the States


Back in my own bed. Back reading magazines. Back eating all things chocolate. Back to my best girl, Dee. Back to bookworming without literally finding that worms have nested in my books in the jungle. I read 3 books while away in Central America, and exactly none of them made it back to the States…

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Unforgettable Meals in Puerto Viejo: Part 1


Before arriving, I heard rumors of spicy, fragrant, and flavorful Caribbean cuisine in Puerto Viejo. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I begged Andie to spend her sun (and occasionally rain) soaked days here with me. Creamy coconut chicken, garlic butter drenched lobster, and spicy seafood stew beckoned me from this town deep in…

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This Costa Rican Life: The Beaches of Puerto Viejo


This post brought to you by Camille, my one and only traveling companion. No one takes the beach more seriously than this sun worshipper. Since arriving in Costa Rica, I spend every day basking in the warmth of the sun, often lying on the shoreline, my bikini bottoms filling with sand with each crash. White…

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On Daniel

I adore him. A world more than I could begin to love this blog or even writing. And so, he deserves to have been as adored in every post as he has been for the past two years. Those posts I wrote about him stand among my very favorite. They’re tender and true and they…

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