Putting My Mom on a Diet: The Plan

ice cream with strawberries

When devising this plan, my main goal was two-fold: to keep it simple and to be realistic. I really believe in playing to your strengths rather than fighting against your weaknesses, and when it comes to dieting, that translates to: it’s better to work within the realm of your taste preferences than to struggle to…

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On Distraction-Free, Focused Eating


Most weekday mornings, I eat the same oatmeal breakfast. I’ve prepared it so many times now that I barely have to pay attention, which is a relief considering I’d prefer to mainline my cold-brewed iced coffee before attempting anything more advanced. Ten minutes after I’ve begun, I’m settling down at the table with a piping…

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Delaying Resolutions

toffee cookies-4

Changing your life is a scary proposition. You become so used to the rut you’re currently in that even the thought of change can be overwhelming. One way to deal with this fear is to delay starting to make improvements in our lives. We know what we need to do to live the kind of…

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On Cheat Days

skillet burger

Isn’t so much of the battle in weight loss mental? Sometimes the way we frame behaviors can make all the difference. Weeks ago, I wrote about the pros and cons of taking time away from a diet plan, for the sake of recharging your mind and your motivation. I pointed out that, if you feel…

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Happy Halloween

halloween candy 1_edited-1-2

As someone with an insatiable sweet tooth and a fierce love of pageantry, Halloween has always been one of my favorite days of the year. The haunted houses. The campy and oft gruesome horror movies. The pumpkin stabbing and carving. It’s all so wonderful, and that’s before we’ve even come to the pillowcases with seams…

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Mini Diet Vacations


Or, taking breaks during weight loss. Losing weight can be a long and difficult process.  It can take years to lose the excess pounds and adapt to a healthier lifestyle. And even if it’s not all that long, not entirely arduous, it still requires energy that you’d probably rather spend on other things. Often times…

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