Why Are Thin People Not Fat?

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At one time or another, it seems we’ve all had that friend. The one who seems to be able to eat whatever he or she wants without gaining weight. And maybe, if we’re close enough, we’ve expressed how lucky they are to be so “naturally thin.”  But, does such a thing really exist? A friend…

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On Low Carb Diets


Low carb dieting peaked as a fad in late 1990s when Atkins was a household name. After Atkins came South Beach, Sonoma, the Zone, and many others. All of these diets relied primarily on restricting carbohydrates to ensure weight loss. Some who had struggled to lose weight on other diet plans saw low carb dieting…

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How often do you weigh yourself?

A source of frustration that everyone who has ever tried to lose weight or maintain weight is that pesky box in the bathroom, the scale. Sometimes no matter how good a week you had while sticking to your goals, no matter how many times you narrowly escaped the urge to face plant into a birthday…

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I can’t eat that.


We have all said those four words at some point. To the co-worker who brings in homemade brownies every Friday, to a family member offering a wedge of cake, and perhaps most often to ourselves as we try to suppress any deep desire to stop by our favorite pizza place on the way home at…

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On Calorie Counting: Weekly vs Daily Goals


I believe that eating can be an intuitive practice . I do. It’s just, even after six years of maintaining a 135lb weight loss, I’ve come to know something about myself: I am a calorie counter. Eating intuitively, with no rules or quotas or numbers in mind, with only a keen observation of the natural…

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How I eat healthy while traveling


In 2006, I travelled through the full boot of Italy- eleven cities in all- and spent time in Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Valencia, Barcelona, and London. I stayed in hostels that ran the gamut from dodgy to dodgier to ‘let’s never tell my mother about this.’ And when I returned to the States after all of…

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Grocery List


Vegetables For salads (How to Make a Delicious 400 Calorie Salad):romaine lettucegrape tomatoescarrotscucumberred and green bell pepperred cabbage For dinner veggie sidesbroccoli crowns (roast them please)cauliflower (Parmesan Mashed Cauliflower or Curried Cauliflower with Sweet Peas)frozen peasfrozen cornsweet potatoeswhite potatoes Fruit For one large fruit salad:pineapple (fresh and frozen)cantaloupewatermelongreen grapesstrawberriesblueberries Meat/Eggs/Poultry/Dairy 2 dozen large brown eggs…

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