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andie mitchell

Friends, friends, friends! What a WHIRLWIND the last three months has been! Since the book came out in January, I’ve been going non-stop. It’s been the best kind of adventure, but I’ve missed you! Here are a few highlights:

My book, It Was Me All Along, is available for preorder!

it was me all along

There really aren’t cards I could send with meaningful enough words — I’ve looked. Thank you for blowing me away with unimaginable kindness. With love the size of Alaska. I read all of your comments, your emails, tweets, Instagram comments, and more, and I was sweating from the warmth. I’ve said it before, but this time…

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A Book Update

If I’ve learned anything in publishing over the past year and a half, it’s that a.) the word is spelled “doughnut”—not donut, and b.) timelines and schedules are—very often—loose. As a first-time author, there was no real telling when the memoir would be completely “done.” My editor suggested some flexible dates, some goals, but still,…

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I have not forgotten you.

Friends, I haven’t forgotten you. This is the week my book edits were submitted. I created 250 some odd pages, organized them into 14 chapters, rewrote every bit of dialogue, and gained ten [unevenly distributed] pounds in the year-long writing process. I’m very happy with the state of the manuscript, even if revising it induced…

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A Request

Friends, Even though I´m furiously editing my weight loss memoir so that you´ll have it in your hands next spring, I´d just love to hear from you. I’d also love to talk more about your comments on “Growing Up With a Fat Dad,” but I’m having internet trouble and that only leads me to two…

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On Writing a Book: Editing


On April 15th I submitted the first draft of my manuscript- 75,000 Microsoft words that expose my crazy in print. Writing that draft was overwhelming. cathartic and satisfying. I put 27 years on paper. All of the vulnerability, the awkwardness of growing upward and growing outward, every last embarrassment, the proud moments, the times I…

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Nearing the book deadline


Friends, the book- that memoir manuscript I’m clickety clicking away on my computer- it’s due this Sunday, April 15th. Appropriately Tax Day, when I’ll have been sufficiently emotionally and physically spent. The book- all weight loss and body struggles and love of food- it won’t be published until next spring, March or April of 2013….

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Day 1 in San Jose, Costa Rica


This morning at 4am, I blew into Boston Logan airport. One 20” carry on duffle One backpack my precious laptop, three dayglow bathing suits, metallic sandals, a tank top or two, four sundresses, 54 malaria pills, and my most recent read: “The Bedwetter” by Sarah Silverman. All for two and a half months of living…

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