Let’s Catch Up

by Andie Mitchell on July 22, 2014

new york, new york

It’s been so long since I’ve written about what’s going on in my everyday life. Let’s catch up!

new york city street

For the past six months I’ve worked as Social Media Director for The Shriver Report — Maria Shriver’s nonprofit initiative dedicated to chronicling the status of American women and all of the shifts in American culture that affect us today. The goal is to raise awareness, ignite conversations, and inspire impact around the defining issues facing modern women and their families.

shriver report

It’s an incredible project and I’ve really loved working on something so meaningful. Through the winter and spring, I took part in a few really memorable events: promoting the release of our Emmy-nominated HBO documentary and hosting Oprah’s first ever Google Hangout. Yes, Oprah. I know. I was in my apartment spilling coffee all over myself.

working from home

Let’s see…what else?

Grand Cayman

I went on vacation to Grand Cayman with my best friend, Kate. For no reason other than we love each other. We really like to do this thing where we celebrate each year of friendship, which I know, I know, seems fairly over-the-top. But it’s sweet and it’s perfect. We’ve spent seventeen years together as these inseparable halves and I have trouble remembering my life before she came into it. She’s everything to me. We joke that we’d like to write a book on staying together — that this relationship we’ve grown is the one we’re most proud of — and sometimes I think about actually going through with writing it.


On the trip, we read, relaxed, paddle boarded like professional failures, got massages, ate loads of seafood, talked about absolutely every last thing on Earth, and just generally sweated and burned ourselves in areas that are hard to reach with sunblock. It was the best time. Next year we want to do something major, like the Greek Isles. What do you think?

vacation breakfast


iced coffee on the beach


fresh juice bar


And we can’t forget about New York.

new york

Sabrina and I have walked these city streets for miles. On weekends, we make a loop around the upper west side and down again. We stop at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, sit on the floor at Barnes and Noble and wonder what will happen when the bookstores are all gone, catch movies at the AMC with the huge reclining seats, trek to Brooklyn for Brooklyn things — like dog fashion shows.


We speak in a shorthand language, watch old episodes of Dawson’s Creek (Pacey+Joey), and mostly — just become more of the same eccentric human being.

new york

We have our own rhythm. We know each other in ways that couples do and the level of comfort between us is precisely what has made New York City feel so quickly like home for me. Friends of friends are starting to notice the ways in which we’re becoming the same damn human. I’ll anticipate the ends of her sentences and she’ll say exactly what’s on my mind before the thought crosses my lips. We emphasize words just the same. Sometimes we both just so happen to want to order doughnuts in the middle of the night. We tell stories with the same prominence of cynicism.


I looked over at her the other day and remember thinking about how lucky I am to have her as my partner here in Manhattan. She’s just so unbearably good. Supportive and funny and loving in ways I couldn’t have expected from anyone.

She also just WON HER SECOND EMMY.


I’m realizing just now that this has turned into a post about my best friends, and, well I guess that makes sense. They’ve made my year, and continue to make my life.
white's pastry shop baby shower cake

The last bit of true, true excitement is that my brother and my sister-in-law are having a baby girl in mid-August. When I tell you that I’m thrilled, I mean: take “thrilled,” set it on fire, then make s’mores over it. I haven’t been so eager, so excited for anything in at least ten years –and I’m guessing on that number; I just have a feeling that something arbitrary happened in high school that absolutely lit my world on fire. I don’t know how I can love someone so much so soon, but I do. I’m just…I can’t even get into it because I’ll start crying on my keyboard. I love her like I love my brother — fiercely. In this crazy unconditional way.

baby shower

I asked my brother if she could come and stay in New York with me and he said, without a moment’s hesitation, “No. Not ever.” So. I’ve already begun buying her millions of obnoxious things embroidered with sayings like “My aunt is my BFF.”

She will rebel.

i love my aunt bib

Other than that, I’m eating well, cooking every day, exercising at New York Sports Club, and working on the cookbook, which is due to my editor in November!



Just generally fitting right in with New Yorkers.

What’s going on with you?



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