birthday candles

Today I turn twenty-eight. And I want to take a moment out of my busy cake-eating day to thank you for being here, and for sticking with me. You who read this blog mean so, so very much to me. I’m grateful for you today and always. Love and extra frosting, Andie   photo sources:…

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On my 27th


364 days out of 365, I am content to stop after one [generously frosted] wedge of cake. Because, the first one is pure and true, the most intense and lusty. But today, my birthday, the day my mother sweetly recalls that I sashayed into the world, “all lips with wild black hair, so very Betty…

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My Edible Birthday

  Just for a fun change of pace, I thought I’d share all of the lovely eating that ensued on my birthday yesterday. It’s an illustration of me eating exactly what I wanted, and reveling in every delicious minute. Breakfast: Whole wheat sour cream pancakes drizzled with pure maple syrup. Mid-morning: Fluffernutter Nutella cupcake lovingly…

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