On Writing a Book: Editing


On April 15th I submitted the first draft of my manuscript- 75,000 Microsoft words that expose my crazy in print. Writing that draft was overwhelming. cathartic and satisfying. I put 27 years on paper. All of the vulnerability, the awkwardness of growing upward and growing outward, every last embarrassment, the proud moments, the times I…

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Nearing the book deadline


Friends, the book- that memoir manuscript I’m clickety clicking away on my computer- it’s due this Sunday, April 15th. Appropriately Tax Day, when I’ll have been sufficiently emotionally and physically spent. The book- all weight loss and body struggles and love of food- it won’t be published until next spring, March or April of 2013….

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Cookie Talk with Alice Medrich

Cookies have the tendency to get tossed aside as ordinary. Their familiarity makes them seem to be the kind of simple baked treats that could practically make themselves. If only. Extraordinary baker, Alice Medrich, has proven otherwise. With the release of her 8th cookbook, Medrich pays passionate tribute to the cookie, and the art and…

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