The Best Whipped Frosting


A good cake has a great frosting to match. Because truly, frosting makes the cake. Right? I’m glad that we agree. Now, bear with me here because I’m going to talk science and logistics of perfecting that sweet silky cream. The slight problem I find with many homemade frostings (versus freshly made bakery versions) is…

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Halloween Cobweb Cupcakes

I haven’t lost my marbles yet. In fact, I’d like to think I know exactly where my marbles and my wits are. I’ve just set them gently aside for the moment, so that I can arrange my headspace with more pressing matters. Namely, Halloween and things that end in -ocolate. Oh and filling things with…

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Homemade Hostess Cupcakes


When I set about making Hostess cupcakes from scratch the other day, I came to a few conclusions. 1.) Unconditional love is best displayed by way of chocolate, 2.) Two full decades of my life can now safely be branded by Hostess, and 3.) No matter how many times I plug away at a doctorate…

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