What Does 1800 Calories Look Like?


Breakfast 1 bagel 300 (preferably whole grain, but whichever you love most)3 tablespoons full fat cream cheese 1002 cups fresh fruit 100500 calories Lunch Loaded lunch salad– see this post400 calories Snack Apple (or any fist-sized piece of fruit)100 calories Dinner Vegan Black Bean Burger on a whole wheat bun with toppings 400(toppings include: lettuce,…

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What Does 1200 Calories Look Like?


Breakfast 1 cup whole grain cereal 100-1401 cup lowfat milk 1001 banana 70-100300 calories Lunch Loaded lunch salad- How to Make a Delicious 400 Calorie Salad400 calories Dinner 3 ounces Simple Poached Salmon with Pesto and Feta2 cups cooked vegetables or roasted broccoli300 calories Dessert 1 scoop frozen yogurt on a small cake or sugar…

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How to Make a Delicious 400 Calorie Salad


So, salad. I eat it everyday. And honest to goodness, honest to my pug’s delicate, delicatelady ears, I adore it always. I’m often asked, by kindly strangers who notice me with a party-sized bowl of salad at lunchtime, how I find new ways to make it day in and day out. ‘How do you keep…

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