Paella Party


All I’ll tell you is I have the best friends in the world. And oh goodness do they have a way with sangria. They really outdid themselves on Sunday. Because oh I’ve got a tender spot for tapas and for bellies and simply tossed greens and bowls filled with rich saffron-scented rice and mussels who’ll…

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When you have a Mexican fiesta and a slumber party


The other night two of my best friends joined me for a Mexican fiesta meets late ‘80s slumber party. I couldn’t even dream of a more ‘propriate party union. There was a taco bar and a toe or two painted. Pillow fights and particularly unbecoming pajamas. Catching up and cream pie slices the size of…

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Greek Lemon and Feta Couscous


A few weeks ago Near East asked me if I’d like to be a part of their Couscous for a Cause dinner campaign, an effort to raise awareness of hunger in Washington state. By hosting a Near East sponsored dinner party, the company would donate 250 boxes of couscous to Northwest Harvest, Washington’s hunger relief…

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