Scenes from IFBC 2011 New Orleans

I’d say that this past weekend at IFBC was among the very very best of my life, but I’m not convinced that quite captures how much I loved every single deep fried, sweet southern minute. I felt engaged in each session. I ate my (and your) fried food quota for at least 16 full weeks….

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Planning the International Food Blogger Conference New Orleans


One very large part of what I do professionally is planning the International Food Blogger Conferences. I am, happy as happy can be, the lead organizer for Foodista. Here’s how the conferences are born and raised: We all pick a city. We ask the community of food bloggers who they want to hear from and…

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International Food Blogger Conference 2010- The Venue

Where have I been the past five days? Eating. Well, that’s not entirely true. Since moving to Seattle and beginning work at three and a half months ago, much of my time and energy has been planning the International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC). The event is a weekend long exploration of food, writing, and…

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