Sesame Ginger Chicken Stir Fry


One of the best things about sauces, is that they often can be thrown together quickly, and easily jazzed and juiced up in a trillion ways. They complement all sorts of starches and sides. It’s the surest way to add flavor to an otherwise bland whole grain, a simply steamed vegetable, or naked chicken. Here,…

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The Chewiest Molasses Cookies

When I bite into a cookie, I need three things to happen: 1. The cookie must be chewy. 2. It must have a pronounced, close-your-eyes-and-please-God-make-this-moment-last flavor, most preferably of butter, sugar, or chocolate. Perfection if all three flavors are present. 3. My plate must contain two more just like it.   These molasses cookies are…

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