Homemade Cinna Minis

It may be odd that some of my most vivid, and favorite, memories of childhood involve skipping school. And Burger King. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it; I did. I loved school. But I loved being home more. Or, I loved that skipping school and “feeling sick” often fell on days that Mom was…

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Whiskey Caramel Glazed Sweet Potatoes

11.7.10 019

Each November, right around this time, my insides bubble vigorously with joy. Abundant, uncontainable joy. I begin a ritualistic spiral into pure, unadulterated holiday oblivion and therefore lose touch with anything that isn’t pine scented, peppermint-spiked, and parceled with shiny silver wrapping. I lavish all things warm, cozy, fall-flavored, twinkly lit, red-and-green-swathed, and covered with…

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Homemade Hostess Cupcakes


When I set about making Hostess cupcakes from scratch the other day, I came to a few conclusions. 1.) Unconditional love is best displayed by way of chocolate, 2.) Two full decades of my life can now safely be branded by Hostess, and 3.) No matter how many times I plug away at a doctorate…

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Apple Walnut Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

In all my years on the internet, I’ve received three unforgettable emails. Each were typed by my mother. I picture her sitting at the keyboard, perfectly positioned to type as though she were being tested for proficiency. Either full caps or none at all. Her nose turned slightly up at the computer because she can’t…

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