Lightened Up Parsley Walnut Pesto


Whir this in your blender tonight, if you can. Then spoon it onto pan-seared salmon or chicken. Crumble a block of feta cheese with your fingers, and scatter a handful over the top. Serve it at your table, surrounded by everyone you know and love.   Parsley Walnut Pesto makes 6 servings 1/4 cup yogurt…

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The Simplest Poached Salmon with Pesto and Feta


Listen, I swoon over salmon in restaurants The chef pan sears her in some perfectly piping fat, to a fiery pink crust, bakes her to a buttery, slippery center, broils her, even, just ‘til her flakes feel melting on my tongue. But at home, all the salmon I prepare myself is less lovable. She’s never…

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Chicken Stuffed with Pesto, Ham, and Fontina Cheese


A mulligan, so Wikipedia tells me, is when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action. I gather it’s used mostly in sports. It’s also used quite frequently in my house. Daniel does something wrong….”Andie I just need a mulligan. I’m sorry; please let me start over.” I take a…

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Grilled Portobello Burgers with Goat Cheese

I have been thinking about the origins of calorie counting, or, my number-centric approach to eating. About why I needed numbers in the first place to lose 135lbs, before even seeking out Weight Watchers. It was because I needed to learn the basics of nutrition. Because losing weight long term, like learning algebra, doesn’t make…

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